Cavity Wall Insulation

Warmfill Super Silver Bead is manufactured by Warmfill in Northern Ireland. The product meets current building regulations (New Build) and the product is accepted by the Irish Agrément Board IAB Cert. 05/0191. Our system can be installed to existing dwellings and new build houses in less than one day.

Existing Houses

The house is drilled out in a set drilling pattern to ensure the cavity is fully filled with bonded How Heat is Lostbead. A bonding adhesive is added to the bead as it enters the cavity so that it bonds together. The reason for this is because if in the future you plan to extend your home the cavity wall insulation will not fall out. The holes are approximately the size of a two euro coin, these holes are filled in after the insulation has been blown into the cavity with a matching mortar.

New Build

Again a set drilling pattern is followed to ensure a full fill system. The cavity wall insulation is installed prior to the house being plastered on the inside. We recommend that the windows are installed and the cavity is closed at the top with a block or a slate, and the roofing is completed. The advantages of using this system on a new build are as follows:

  • no bricklayer costs
  • no wastage
  • no damage
  • no onsite storage
  • approved full fill system